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how do i find the chemicals equation when I'm only given the reactants and no products?

im only told that it is a decomposition of a mixture of NaCHO3 and NaCl. im watching a video on how to predict products, but im confused was to what those two compounds are reacting with? are they reacting with eachother? O2? H2?? idk, but thanks :/.

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    The two compounds are not reacting with each other.  They are decomposing separately, except that NaCl is probably not decomposing at all, since the temperature necessary for that to happen is exceptionally high.

    I presume this trouble comes from some problem that asks in the end for the percent composition (by mass) of the mixture. 

    All you need to know is the decomposition reaction for NaCHO3, which is:

    2 NaHCO3 → Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2

    [It would have been better if you had just asked the question you were given.]

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