The owner of a snow cone stand has determined that the cost C, in dollars, of operating the stand is approximately given by C(x)=x2-8x+5?

 where x is the number of snow cones bought. Find the lowest cost to the nearest dollar.





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  • 3 weeks ago

    As an accountant, you cannot have a negative cost to run a business (unless you are subsidized or are tricky like Tom Sawyer). Selling zero cones means the owner has a cost of $5.  Did the problem (or teacher) mean Profit or Loss [ i e based on Sales ] ?? Then, at sales of 8, which involves expenses for employee wages, paper cones, ice, flavoring, and cart rental, the cost is still "only" $5. [imo the owner created a poor formula; or some operand signs are backwards.] Get clarification from your teacher.

  • Jim
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    3 weeks ago

    C(x)= x² -8x +5 is a Quadratic Function

    Use the first part of QF to solve for vertex x= -b/2a

    x = -(-8)/2 = 4

    c(4) = -11

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