I often have dreams about being up in the sky like being inside a tall building or sitting in a flying car. What do they mean?

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  • 3 months ago
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    It would appear that in life you are more of an observer rather than one who chooses to participate. Perhaps you feel that it is not worth the time or the effort. You are seeing this dream to help you understand how you approach situations. Now that you dreams have made you aware of your approach, it is up to you to decide if you want to make changes and be a participant instead of. an observer.

    Source(s): Meditations for the Journey by C. Mohan http://visiondreamer.ca/
  • 3 months ago

    Me too! Do you have a fear of heights till I was pregnant and had 5 month old babies in my womb on a plane, up until that point, I was still afraid and for some events I still am. Now let me explain different versions of this dream and what it means.

    1. To be in a flying car, means to be moving on in your life up and above previous obstacles or adversities or enemies and succeeding at your goals. Seeing the sky and going up indicates moving up to another level or echelon of society and depending on the sky, it can be good or bad, Sunrise obviously means a "New Beginning" for you or a "New Chapter"/"New Era".

    2. If you are flying a plane or helicopter, regardless of whether or not you can in real life, indicates control of a new part of your life. If it is a battle, well it can be predictive or it can indicate "fights of another part of your life." Like at work or school or with friends you don't see that often. Sunset, being an obvious end to something. Storm clouds, tornados, hurricanes, etc. can indicate judgement of God or the elements or science having a fallout related to your dreams.

    3. Being in a tall building, much like a flying car. It indicates going places, getting to see the world or move up in the world, or getting to do something others can't do or won't do or don't know how to do. If your in a space ship or a vehicle not yet invented, good idea to write it down or draw it for later on. It also means, you are meant for more missions from God or that you are meant to more things than expected in your life or plan to, than others know about. 

    4. if "aliens" or demons interact with you, it could mean you are falling into sin, and if your body has changes or someone changes you, that indicates a possible sabotage or problems in the recent future. Same goes for the change in weather and the lighting and flashes of thunder of lighting, fighting the elements, the world becoming darker or you, yourself or people in your team or family, this could indicate it, or if they have mutations they should not have at all. 

    5. If they are good spiritual entities, angels, God, Messiah, Holy Spirit, listen to their advice, and learn to stay on a good path, where you are in life. Same with holy like lighting in a dream. 

    I am the one whom has been interpretation dreams on here, not my sisters, Kim, Miranda, and Molly, my distant cousins can too and my brother also, it sort of runs in the family back to Goshen and Israel. 

    Source(s): Dream dictionary, I study and memorized, as well as life experience, and writing novels, movies, tv shows, and songs.
  • 3 months ago

    I'd like to know too ? I was an ironworker for many years, and many years ago. Often in my dreams I am an ironworker again, and I'm up on a tall building or a bridge. Sometimes I'll push my wife out of bed if I start falling and go to grab onto a girder or something. I wake up sweating, and she wakes up complaining. ha ha ha...

  • lala
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    4 months ago

    You are overwhelm with pain and problems 

    so in your dream you go in the sky and in a tall building 

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  • 4 months ago

    You're above it all.  Whatever is happening in your Life right now, like problems, or difficult times, etc.  your subconscious mind pictures you as flying high, doing well, having nothing to worry about. 

  • ?
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    4 months ago

    That you want to minimize (simplify) your life, to get away a little from your everyday.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    perhaps you watched too many episodes of the jetsons

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