Should I be worried that my workmen weren't wearing a mask?

I had two workmen turn up for a gas safety check arranged by my landlord. Two guys came in and neither were wearing masks. I stayed in the other room and didn't get close to them. I didn't have chance to put a mask on as I have left them in my car. I barely got close to them but they were talking and when they left I stayed in my bedroom with the windows open for a while before I went in to any other rooms. I'm really worried that I could have picked something up from them I'm supposed to be seeing my parents later and don't want to transmit anything

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    3 months ago

    The risk is probably minimal. 

    There is new evidence that the virus can be transmitted in smaller "aerosol" droplets which can linger in the air for a while.  But most of it seems to be transmitted by larger droplets which will fall to the floor fairly quickly after being exhaled.   The big danger is from being near someone who is infected and breathing out.  The fact that these guys didn't wear masks isn't good, and you may want to complain to the company about that.  But if you stayed out of the room when they were there then you have reduced, if not eliminated, your risk of infection.  By staying out of the room they were in, you also reduce the risk of being infected.  That's because you give the particles more of a chance to settle and also more of a chance for environmental factors, such as sunlight, to kill the virus.  Opening the windows also helps since you're replacing air which may contain the virus with air which does not. 

  • If you stayed away from them, you shouldn't have much chance of getting covid 19.

    The landlord should have asked them to wear a mask. They should when they're indoors with people that they don't know. You should have a mask in your house, in case a stranger has to come in it. 

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    3 months ago

    You have the right to refute entry to anyone who isn't wearing a mask. Call the company they came from and let them know. Tell anyone to wear a mask when they come into the house, and that includes the police, or refuse entry.

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