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How do I become an adult?

I recently became an adult, and I have a lot of questions, how do I open a bank account? How do I make adult friends? How do I just adult? Any suggestions?

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    Those are all questions most people figure out through observation of adults and/or by asking their parents or other adults in their lives.

    1- bank account: go to the bank and ask to open an account (have money ready to be deposited)

    2 - friends: the same way you made friends before you were an adult

    3 - adult: talk to your family or other trusted adults. YA isn't a life coach to teach anyone how to be an adult. 


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    1-go to a bank (credit unions are better) and ask, it's their job to help you.   2- adult females make friends by having a kid and bonding with other mothers.   Adult males don't have friends.

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    There are no adults. Just grown up kids trying to get on with their lives. You’re no different to anyone else. It’s tough. 

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