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Insignia TV Microphone?

Okay I don't think this is possible based on my research but Yahoo Answers is my final hope. I am using an Insignia Brand TV as my monitor for my PC. I was wondering if there was any way to connect any kind of mic to it? Whether it be through headphones with a built in mic or a separate one altogether? If not I will find a new monitor to get that would work but I just want to check off all the boxes before I decide on my next move.

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    If the model of TV has composite video input (yellow, red, white) you can buy a mixing console that has a microphone input to an audio output.  The internal audio amp will boost the mic signal to line out level.  The TV red or white socket will accept that level.

    If it has no composite or component, but HDMI only on the TV, you can get a regular composite or component TV signal converter box for HDMI output to that TV input.  Don't get one for the other direction--won't work.  And I have seen only one that is bi-directional.

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    Use the mic input on the computer. Any dynamic microphone should work as long as the plug fits. The TV has no microphone input.

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    A lot of TVs have "Line In" for audio inputs, but those are not "Mic" inputs. Big difference in input levels, a Mic will not work on a Line In input. I've never seen a TV with a "Mic" input....

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