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How can I stop being friends with this guy without hurting him? ?

He is extremely clingy and in love with me. But I feel like I HAVE to be his friend and that if I stop being his friend that I’m a horrible person because he has aspergers. I’ve literally put up with all the things he’s done for years and honestly I’m done. He has sexualized me and tried to force a relationship even just forcing a best friend title when we aren’t best friends.  I wish him the best and I hope he can live on. But he makes me feel guilty whenever I try to leave this friendship, he tells me that he’s gonna die or wishes he could commit suicide . I feel like I’m pretending to like him and I’m seriously done. Please help guys I feel like an awful person

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    You can't not hurt his feelings. His feelings WILL be hurt.

    That being said, you were not put on this earth to be anyone's savior or servant. If his actions continually hurt your feelings, you are under no obligation to keep bearing the abuse.

    You are not a bad person for wanting to protect yourself. You are not a bad person for wanting to be true to yourself. You are a good person for trying. I'm sure there are so many other people that never gave him a chance at all.

    Let him know how you feel. Do your best to let him down easy, and then you need to move on.

    If you feel like you need to do something to help him, let his parents know what he has been saying about suicide. Ultimately, it is their responsibility to take care of issues like that anyway.

    Good luck, and stop feeling bad. You did the best you could.

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