Would a male to female AUX cable fix this issue?

I recently purchased a soundbar to be plugged into my monitor and used while using my PS4 (the monitor itself has built-in speakers however they're pretty quiet, that's why I needed a louder external speaker).

However, the monitor only has a line-in 3.5mm aux jack, and no output jack (see image for reference). So when I connect the soundbar to the monitor via the included 3.5mm aux cable the sound remains on the monitor.

My question is would using a male to female cable fix this issue? I.e. plugging the male end into the monitor, then the soundbar into the female end? I know there exists aux converters for this issue, but I'm just wondering about this first. Thanks in advance

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  • 2 months ago
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    No. An input socket will not give audio out.

    Unless the monitor has a headphone socket, you cannot get audio out of it; you will have to use a different connection setup or add an HDMI audio extractor in line with the connection.

    Or, if the soundbar has an optical input, you can feed that directly from the PS4 optical out and activate that within the PS4 settings.

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    2 months ago

    you are going about this the wrong way.

    first of all, you don't connect the sound bar to the MONITOR. you connect it to the sound source (PS4).

    secondly, sound bars are not meant to be used with computer monitors. they are meant for TVs and home theater style setups.

    thirdly, if your goal is better sound, a surround sound unit would accomplish that better. but then, a TV would better suit your gaming needs than a monitor...so, whatever.

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