How come I still don't know how to do something after being taught?

or at least run the risk of still doing it not quite properly or maybe even not do it correctly

while everyone else knows what they're doing immediately after being taught

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    1 month ago
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    What "everyone else knows" has nothing to do with what you know or what skills you have. Not everyone learns in the same way, at the same rate, and some people just don't ever grasp some things no matter how they are presented. 


    Perhaps whatever it is you've been "taught" is simply something your mind has been unable to grasp or relate to, and maybe it never will. Perhaps it simply needs to be presented to you in a different way, and it will 'click' for you (understanding will occur). Maybe a different teacher who uses a different method, will help you better understand that with which  you are struggling. 

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    1 month ago

    I assure not everyone knows what they are doing immediately after being taught. 

    Some people have better common sense or can figure out it out. If I know I should do this, then it makes sense to do this next.

    Review the information yourself. Go over the procedure in your mind. Practice.   Is ok to ask questions. 

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    I agree with the others. We have this weird idea that we should be able to completely learn and understand something the first time we hear it or have it demonstrated to us. But some things take more practice than other skills. They call it "Eye-to-hand coordination", and sometimes I can see in my head what I need to do, but my hands still fumble around. I can see clearly how to play the game, but my legs still do not run any faster. You can hear a teacher giving you instructions, but you can forget their instructions 3 minutes later when you try and and replicate what they did and your brain is stuck on "mistake! MIstake! abort!" mode.

    My mantra in college and university became, "I am here to learn, not already know!"

    There are some things you can do to become more disciplined as a student. 1. Draw out the step-by-step instructions in your notes during lecture. I used to also draw cartoon diagrams of the step-by-step procedures in my Animal Science classes as well as cartoon the animal body parts and made jokes and funny drawings to help remember all the vocabulary words for Animal Science and Agriculture classes. 2. Get into a study group if possible. A study group that regularly met before classes had been very good at reviewing the exams. I had a difficult Plant Identification class and the study group met before the weekly exam of the weekly list we needed to memorize and ID, and they really did help me remember the plant and the Latin names of the plants better.

    3. Try to find examples of what you are learning in real life. I would do this in my Plant Identification class - I would go around town and to the big store plants for sale section and try to identify all the plants on my weekly ID list. When I got to the weekly test, I was able to visualize the plants I needed for the test in my head by remembering the tree outside the library, the shrub down the street, the plant in the supermarket parking lot, etc.

    4. Practice! As a musician, I had to learn how to make my fingers move playing the horn or saxophone or piano. I still need to devote time to this day to pick up my trumpet or sit down at the piano and flex my fingers and review the music, but I need to keep my fingers flexed and moving even when there is no performance. I did not learn to do the yoga stretch moves the first time I tried it, I had to keep a daily stretch workout for months to get my legs and knees in shape to be strong today. A daily discipline is what the Shaolin do for mind and body control - there is no shame in learning to be a kung fu naster. When you put daily effort into physically moving, your body becomes what you envision over time.

    Try this and good luck to you! You CAN improve!

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    You just need a little extra practice.  Don't worry over this.

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