What are some challenges actors face when transitioning from stage to television or film?

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    Actors don't usually "transition" from stage to screen. While it's true that the vast majority of actors start out on stage, whether it's at acting school plays, community theater or youth theater, etc., at the same time they also take acting for the screen classes and workshops and they work in indie and student films (ie screen acting) to build their resume. Since agents connect their clients to *TV and film productions*, a potential agent would not consider someone whose only credits are in theater to begin with (unless they have something amazing under their belt). Because they need to know the potential client is familiar with that type of work to begin with. That they know what to do in front of a camera, how to move on set, and how to take the orders. Producing a movie/TV show costs the production a lot of money. They can't waste their time on someone who doesn't know what to do. So the idea of screen acting is not strange to actors who come from the theater world.

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    Hey - I want to see more answers from people who mention that they are, or used to be, actors. Thanks!

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    Usually, the lighting and silence of lack of audience. I used to be an actor, for many years.

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