Is this a "brachiopod" fossil?

The stone itself is grey, and the fossil in question is a distinct white color against it. The shell has several lines running parallel to each other. Some of the lines are well defined and "thick" for lack of a better word with smaller less defined lines running alongside them.

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  • 1 month ago
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    it looks like a mold of a brachiopod, yes (the shell is gone and all that is left is the imprint of the shell in the rock).  Sometimes, the mold has a residue carbonate coating that comes from the original shell material, and that can appear white even when the rock is a gray shaley limestone, although that picture does not give me the impression that the rock is "gray".

    Really, I would expect to see other brachipod fossils in the same parent rock.  What you have there is incomplete so only a probable brachipod rather than what I would call an obvious and inarguable brachiopod.  The probability is high though.

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