What is your favorite country to visit and why is that?

My son Garren and our family loves to visit Japan because we are fluent in Japanese. We can read, write, and speak Japanese. We rather go to Japan then going to Mexico. I am Chinese and grew up in Hong Kong, Hokkaido, and San Francisco. I was born in Hong Kong, lived in Hokkaido for a couple of years, and then immigrate to San Francisco. 


I don't live in San Francisco anymore. 

Update 2:

My son Garren sometimes go to Japan with his family and his poker buddies so they can play poker in the hotel room. His poker buddies are named Leangle, Chalice, and Raia.  

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    Japan is a very nice country. Remember speaking to a guy who had visited and then moved there to live. He was from Canada originally. Said much better than living in the west. The people are very polite in Japan. 

    For myself I would say Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand.  reason is the first 3 are friendly countries and liberal. The second 2 are nice and warm in terms of climate. Even their winters are warm. Oh, and I like France too  because I find the language beautiful. There are parts of many countries I like. I like the Caribbean because of the sun and music too. 

    I think there are pros and cons in every country, which we have to understand of course. Depends on what is most important to the individual. 

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    south america cause i have relatives there

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