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Is there a difference between art and entertainment?

I like watching movies. There are some movies that are very artistic, and some which seem to be purely entertaining. However, I find myself entertained by some movies I would call artistic. Is there any real distinction between the two? There are also movies and other media that I would call art that are not entertaining to me. Is this purely a matter of taste, or is there any real difference?

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    For me films like The 400 Blows 1959, were works of art because you never knew what would be the ending. So it was much more entertaining to watch and sought even more of the viewers attention. Most films yes have a plot, begining through end. The ones you could pretty much  figure for the most part how it would all end. I have found that the ones that had twists you didn't expect would leave you coming out of the theater more than happy you went to see it. That made it a work of art. The Dreamers 2003 fit that mold as well.  But only my opinion. When I saw Airport in 1970, you felt like you were on that plane watching it. When a film can draw you into it, again that is a great film.

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    Painting a picture by hand is different than watching a movie. 

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