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At what point in The Walking Dead did you notice it had started walking round in circles? When did you stop watching? ?

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    I never felt TWD was anything more than 'okay'.  But so many friends were watching that I kind of kept giving it second and third chances in order to stay abreast of the 'water cooler' talk.  But it never got good.  It was just adequate.

    I think the show spent it's 'zombie lore' during the first season.  Since then, the zombies are really more 'background noise' in the show than anything else.  It's mainly about living in a post-civilization world, and the atrocities people commit to survive in that world.  In that sense, it's been repeating itself since season 3 I would say.  Since the Governor/Woodbury storyline.

    But I stopped about halfway through the Negan story arc.  I loved the guy playing Negan.  He did an AMAZING job of making Negan so charismatic that my sister referred to him as 'adorably evil'.  But the problem was that the Negan arc just kept dragging on for SOOOO long.  These people were so scrappy and confrontational, and they just laid down for Negan for so long that it felt dishonest to the characters.  It also got boring.

    Then at the beginning of some season they actually started their attack on Negan, and it was episode after episode of boring, static, unimaginative gunfights.  I finally couldn't take it anymore and stopped.

  • Darla
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    2 months ago

    The first episode. I got bored. 

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