Will This Motherboard do overclock gigabyte z97p-d3?

I have my old computer for my homework like working with  office PDF files   I actually bought 10th generation   computer for my gaming   I have  I5 4690k  Installed on my old Computer Can i do overclock on this motherboard i know K  version have  unlocked multiplier.Thank you

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    You could do a little bit of overclocking but I wouldn't try pushing the 4690k too far with that board. While some of the VRM's have been moved to the CPU with lga1150 processors, there are still some on the motherboard. Cheaper motherboards don't have as good of a CPU power delivery system as midrange and premium boards do.

    You'll also be limited by whatever CPU cooler you have installed in your system so if you have a stock cooler then don't even try. Overclocking makes the CPU use more voltage which causes it to run hotter. The Intel stock cooler is barely able to manage cooling the CPU at stock speeds. A cheap power supply will also hinder overclocking. 

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