What Are Some Good Plan Bs For Kids Who Wanted To Become Doctors But Couldn't Make It?

Finally got into med school after 2 years of trying, but banks wouldn't loan me more than 10k because of my parents income. 

I considered chiropractic school but the banks told me that's even harder to get a loan.

What are some good options for me? I'm also willing to go back to school if I need to. Id like you stay within healthcare if possible.

Cardiovascular Technologist seems appealing.


Thanks for all the help and direction. Remember, I'm looking for alternative professions within healthcare, chiro was my plan B... Respiratory tec looks very interesting!!

For some of you, any studies abroad require a guarantor or cosigner to tie the loan back to the host country. Many doctors took up to 4 years to get into a medical school. Mind you it's really competitive, please don't be so naive.

I did not think of military, but it seems they so help quite a bit! 

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    Become a surgical technician, anesthesiologist, respiratory technician, pharmacist or pharmacy tech, physician's assistant, etc,

    ALL OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL AND SUPPORT AREAS OF MEDICINE pay very well and allow you to follow in the healthcare field.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Chiropractic ? Why not Tarot card reading ?

  • garry
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    1 month ago

    i thought university coarses are covered by loans from the government , anyway let the kids pay after all you dont see a poor doctor do you . Ohh yes it takes 10 years to become a doctor you know , hope your kids are smart enough ..lol

  • 1 month ago

    Military, G I Bill, then apply to the military to have them pay for your education (in return for more time in the military).  The government will also fund qualified candidates that will serve under- represented communities (like Native American on reservations).  [We are talking full-fledged MD here, not something lesser.]

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  • 1 month ago

    Your parents income isn't why banks won't loan you money for medical school. The fact it took you 2 years to get accepted tells them you are not likely to graduate and be able to repay the loans.

    That is CONFIRMED by the banks telling you it is harder to get loans to become a chiropractor, because you wouldn't make as much money.

    Actually, as many times as you changed your mind about what you want to do in this question, a AED/CPR course through the American Heart Association sounds like about all I would recommend, even without a loan.

  • 1 month ago

    Since you are over the age of 24, your parents' income has nothing to do with your loan eligibility.  Based on your other questions, you are at least 26, that's not a kid. 

    Had I known about a career in cardiovascular technology it would have been the direction I would have gone.

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