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how are kidney stones diagnosed?

does a urinalysis diagnose kidney stones? and how long do they take to pass naturally?

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    October 2018 I had a uti and was given antibiotics which cleared it up, few weeks later I had another uti and more antibiotics, few months later another uti, this went on until November 2019 when I was in severe pain at left side, vomiting and burning when I peed and passing blood - ER done blood tests and found I had sepsis, xrays and scans showed a  large stone in middle of kidney and was oozing puss causing sepsis and I had a smaller stone in urethra - I had surgery to remove them in December 2019 - July 14th 2020 I had severe pain at left side and vomiting and constant peeing, I took painkillers which eased the pain and later that day I was peeing blood which I presume was either a small stone or gravel left after operation.

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    1 month ago

    the amount and type of pain is pretty telling

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    an ultrasonogram of the abdomen 

    shows the kidney stones

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    A dip may indicate stones if there is blood and an obvious physical exam, they are very painful.. a CT is the diagnostic test.  Not all pass, they drop into the bladder and stay, some never pass, some small ones in a few days.

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    Don't worry.  You'll be able to tell.  At first, you think you're going to die; then you're afraid you're not.

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