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Am I a bad person?

My lover keeps spending money on me and I'm so thankful he does I don't have a job and when he does get money he spends on me I get irritated BC I feel like we might need for the bills I don't wanna be back dated so j get upset and I no I shouldn't BC it's so nice and yes k never ever spend on my self I feel like a bad person for getting upset at him or people that spend on me I do BC k wish I could give back and I can't do what they do but be nice but it's not enough I feel like a bad person 

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Sorry for my mistakes guys 

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    If you're not at least trying to get a job so you can pay your own bills (and pay this person back), yes, that would be the move of a bad person. Not that sex workers are all bad people. But at least they're honest about it. 

  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    Guys yes obviously I'm.seeking employment I actually got 2 job offers today

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    I've no clue what sort of person you are but I know, from my own life, that whenever I was unable to support myself it made me CRAZY and I often worked two jobs to earn the money I needed to support myself. People are hiring all over the place btw. I see lots of "help wanted" signs out around my town. 

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