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How can I get closer to him? Could he like me?

I’m a young teenager and am crushing a LOT on this boy who comes over every so often for baseball (ima girl btw). It started when I first met him and it’s been at least 5 months now. He always texts my friends and flirting with them and I don’t know what to do. He’s only texting one rn but still. I text him sometimes but it always feels like a 1 way conversation. My brother is on his baseball team and is about 4 years younger than me and my crush yet they hangout more often. I don’t know if he’s texting my friends to irritate or what (it starts off as a prank every time). I’m really shy and really want a boyfriend but am always too scared to admit my feelings. I try flirting but I’m not good at that and don’t want to tell him how I feel because it could be awkward if he doesn’t feel the same. This is only my second crush and my last one lasted years. He talks to a lot of girls but I don’t think it’s anything serious. I really really like him and need help. I always ask him how he’s feeling and stuff but it’s like I’m the only one putting effort into the conversation. Sometimes it feels like he feels something for me but it’s probably in my head. How can I get closer to him?

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He likes hanging out with me sometimes but I am so lost rn. Please answer as soon as possible I really need advise b

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    By not trying so hard.  Just be casually friendly with him when he's with your brother or your friends.  Don't show lots of interest in him.  Widen your circle of friends by being chatty with loads of other people so that if seeing him with your girlfriends becomes unbearable for you, you can slip away to be with other friends.  Boys like to do the chasing.  Having a girl hanging around just waiting for attention is a bit boring for them.  Become the interesting sister of a guy he knows who is a bit mysterious because she often goes away when he's around.  He may wonder about that and seek you out.  Wonder why he's not impressing you.  Maybe he won't but with lots of other friends and things to talk about, you will be a far more interesting person in his eyes than a quiet little girl in the corner making cows eyes at him.

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    I guess you could ask your brother to befriend him and invite him to your house so you can see him. Then you can talk and (hopefully) be realistic as to whether he has any interest in you or not. 

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