How do you sleep with short curly hair?

2 Answers

  • I have curly hair too, it's not long enough to tie up, so I comb it out and go to bed. I comb it out in the morning if I've got really bad bed head, then I wash and style my hair. 

    Try sleeping on a satin pillow case, they smooth frizzy hair and minimizes static. The softness of satin can eliminate the friction you get, when your hair rubs against a harsher fabric. Another added benefit is that satin help keep your hairdo looking fresher and less “slept on” in the morning.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Well, I have long curly hair, it gets tied up out the way when I sleep, not sure how people can sleep with their hair down, but hey ho.

    If it's curly, is it not just long enough to tie up?

    Otherwise, you might not have a lot of options, short of wearing a swimming cap xD 

    I jest, but actually you can get head apparel for when you sleep, for just this issue. 

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