can i use a smaller battery in my generator as long as it is the same AH?

Are there any cons to using a smaller battery than is made to fit in the tray? I can find the same AH but it measures smaller in physical size than my original battery, which won't hold charge for more than a day anymore


And also, if i'm in the wrong category i would prefer you guys to just tell me and not be jack@sses about it like others in other categories have been when i accidentally posted questions in wrong categories

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    2 months ago
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    The main concern would be that the battery has similar amp hours and the same type of chemistry.   Trying to switch over to a lithium for example could cause a fire (likely just destroy the battery) since the generator is not have the right charging circuits for a lithium battery.   You could go with higher amp hours if the battery physically fit.    Otherwise generally the batteries won't vary that much in size and if they do I would raise concerns that it might be a different chemistry.  

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    2 months ago

    Same Amps and volts, physical size difference will be OK.

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