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What's the psychology behind people who get easily offended? ?

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    People who are easily offended live on the edge of fear of disapproval. "I've got to be good because if I do something wrong, no one will like me." They listen carefully to what is said to or about them, as they always want it to be good.  If it is a poor rating, then the fear returns to them.  Only a few ppl are allowed into this person's inner circle. 

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    'Easily offended' is open to interpretation. Some people would be offended, while others would laugh about it. With me? Sometimes it even depends on the mood I'm in at the time. When I'm feeling 'positive' absolutely nothing offends me.

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    There's no one answer to your question. I think you have to look at the culture, upbringing, beliefs,, and specific history of both the person who says the offensive thing and the person who appears to overreact. 

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