Can you track an IP address on A YouTube comment?

Someone told me he can trace my IP address on a comment on YouTube is this true?

3 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    a random person can not.

    google does not store ip address info per comment but they do record the account that posted it. That account then has a log of the ip addresses that logged into it.

    this info is not accessible unless you are a cop with a warrant. 

    Unless you did something illegal then you are fine.

  • 1 month ago

    Nope. Those comments that claim they can "trace" your IP through YT comments are BS.

  • 1 month ago

    IP addresses are public information any person with a little bit of computer skill can get your public IP address it's very easy. That doesn't mean a lot unless you are involved in law enforcement. Your public IP address does not tell a person at what house you live in. What it tells the public is this is a person's public IP address if you wish to report this person to law enforcement for a real crime you call law enforcement and you give them this public IP address law enforcement then goes to the company which is providing internet service to the offender. And from there the police obtains the address of the offender where he lives and the law enforcement obtains a clip of the last transmissions that went through the line. They examine it to see if it has illegal content if there is illegal content they obtain a warrant for the offenders arrest if somebody on the other end has reported falsely another person they go arrest that person for filing a false police report. So now that you know what IP addresses are all about you can be more informed about what an IP address can and cannot do and who can get it just about anybody. But rest assured the person that get your IP address can't just come to your house and punch you if he didn't like what you said and IP address is only good for giving to law enforcement officials.

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