what's the best, and the worst that a conscious mind can feel in the universe?

so let's say we have a normal hedonic range of -10 to 0 to +10, with -10 being the worst feeling that we can imagine as of now, the most horrid torture that a person can possibly experience, and 0 being a completely neutral experience, and then +10 being the most incredible experience that can be achieved with todays technology (drugs, sex, wire heading, etc.)  John Pearce is a trans humanist who thinks that within a hundred years, or maybe a thousand years or so that we can be living in a society on earth-where we are constantly living with a hedonic set point of +70 to +100, and the secret to doing so will be found within the limbic system of the human brain.  He doesn't say what he thinks the absolute limit is though.  And what scares me about that is if we can bring the pleasure up to ten times what is possible today, does that mean we can bring the pain to ten times what is possible today?  What do you guys think?  What is possible for a human brain?  What if we made the brain much larger?  What if we downloaded our brains into elaborate computers?  What if we made giant computers conscious?  What if we made computers the size of planets, or a computer the size of the entire universe conscious?  What do you suppose the limits are for pleasure and pain within the universe are?  Any thoughts?  Thank you!

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  • 2 months ago
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    I don't know for certain if in the future we will be looking to express pleasure at such macro-levels of reality as the astronomical plane.

    I do think that understanding what makes humans survive, thrive, and find happiness, will put us in accord with politicians and their policies for generating and managing such on earth (for now). 

    I recall a scene from a movie starring Bruce Willis called, "Surrogates." A group of surrogates are in a living room using an electric stimulation device that stimulates pleasure. Are we therefore bound into increasing the amount of pleasure we get out of life? Are we all pleasure seekers, or is there a place for moderation and self-control?

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    2 months ago

    Both are things which no conscious mind can fully imagine.

    Your notions of physically vast computers do not make much sense. Look how computers with vastly more ability than the computers of the 1960s can sit on most people's bedside tables.  In your smartphone you have far more computing capacity capacity than the computer on the first moon-shot.

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