Can anyone please help ?

The condo across the hall had the bathroom and kitchen remediated for mold and now we are having the same issue BUT we decided since the building was built in 1983 to check for asbestos. Well, it’s positive in the walls so now the insurance co is pausing work in ours. BUT ,I’m really concerned about the work our neighbor had done because he had the work done with his door opened and I do t he tested fir asbestos. Could we have been exposed if they were cutting the walls in their bathroom and had the door open??  

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I should have thought the exposure if any was minimal and the type of asbestos still in use at that date would not pose any great risk. Most of it would ordinarily be bound into cement. Light, short-term exposure rarely causes disease, but the insurers are right to be super cautious about having work done in your own place.

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