Video on a dragonfly or damselfly plucking a spider out of its web?

I recently saw a video on dragonflies stating that they cannot see a spider's web and that's why they get caught, but I remember seeing a video of a large damselfly moving up to an orb web spider, flying around it seemingly inspecting the web, then backing off and lunging forward grabbing the spider out of its' web and eating it.

The only video I see now is a damselfly eating a spider after getting stuck in its web.

I was wondering if anyone saw this video as well.  I know I didn't dream it up, I'm not really into entomology or anything, I just thought it was a cool video I saw at the time. also I am pretty sure since humans can see spider webs, and dragonflies have better visual acuity than humans do at close range (10ft-30ft, an advantage of compound eyes vs. camera eyes), I think they can see it if they are not moving so fast that they cannot slow down to avoid it.

anyway, has anyone seen this video? the damselfly was very large, and i think it was a documentary of the rain forest if that helps.


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