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Is this girl I  met on Tinder look beautiful to you?

She 18 I am 27 I can like her but she got turned off by my autism undertones she said was coming across as creepy.


Patrica the fit brunette with big breasts and a nice curvy body bit overweight she did say I looked hot and handsome stud.

Update 2:

I think she bit diva high maintenance when she found out I had autism she ceased messaging me little *****.

Update 3:

She girl any guy should just have sex with as one night stand she a  nasty girl

Update 4:

Anonymous she ceased all communication was being creepy with wasn't my intention I really hate neurotypicals at times your so cruel.

Update 5:

I did masturbate to her photos he did make me c u m a lot so do find her attractive she from the same city in Ireland as me she has athletic body.

Update 6:

Anonymous neurotypical  women are high maintenance I deeply distrust them.

Update 7:

If she offered protected sex no strings attached I  would not say no even if was a bit fun.

Update 8:

I thought hit jackpot when she messaged a sexy girl like her barely legal talking to me I never said she was sexy just said she had a nice body she said back off.

Update 9:

I don't she worthy to have sex with me by the way she talked to me last night I would have meaningless sex as once-off that it.

Update 10:

my favourite Lucy lol I don't care she was being rude to me.

Update 11:

Triona is  her name.

Update 12:

myfavouritelucy the girl a gimp and diva anyway only good for quick shag

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    which one are u talking about. if she thinks u are creepy then find somebody else

  • 1 month ago

    Me think you got saw dust for brain.

  • 1 month ago

    I've let Trana know you are posting her pic on here, and the things you are saying about her.... her Marine commando father is very interested in your comments...

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    it's not a good enough picture to tell if she's beautiful, but she looks like a 6.5 out of 10 from the photo. That seems a bit rude to judge you for something you can't control, but if you like her personality then go for it. 

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