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Would other Jews, mainly Sabras, find it offensive if I put 8 small candles + 1 bigger candle in my birthday cake to represent shamash? ?

When I born it was Hanukkah and I am happy this year my birthday is going to be in Hanukkah again. And I had the idea to make a birthday cake with 8 candles + a bigger one to represent Shamash. But I am thinking if other Jews would find it offensive, mainly the Sabras. I was not born in Israel. It is supposed to be happy time, not an offensive moment. So please help me. 

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    Dont forget to bidday your bahind Analonymous, after you pull out of it them big phat candles that youre talkin about.

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    No they wouldn't. Most would not care if you wanted a Channukah birthday cake. What you do in your own home is not our business. Do you live in Israel? Why do "Sabras - Tzabarim" opinions matter? Most Jews and Israelis would think you are a crazy goy and laugh about it if they knew. In conclusion we don't care.

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    To be blunt, most Jews would find it weird, moreso than actually being offended. However, some would find it offensive if you were taking only surface-level, cosmetic things about the festival and not really engaging with it. Basically, some would see it as a form of cultural appropriation if you yourself weren't Jewish.

    Whether one is a Sabra or a Jew in the Diaspora (outside of Israel) makes no difference here. Jews in the Diaspora have the same credentials to make judgments on this as Sabras.

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