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What should I do about this family situation? ?

My husband’s grandma was going to lose her home. Behind on mortgage and there were liens, etc. Mom, brother and grandma lived at this property. Grandma asked my husband to pay the owed amount in exchange for a portion of ownership. Mom, brother and grandma agreed to pay rent to cover the monthly mortgage. Through the years the family trashed the house, graffitied it, infested with bedbugs, druggy friends moving in and out. Mom and brother often wouldn’t pay rent/utilities. My husband ended up needing to pay for their home repairs, utilities, new appliances as needed, tree trims... you name it. It got overwhelming and the only way out was to make the property generate income. Husband discussed with grandma that he could build a rental but wanted to secure the property 100% before taking on large debts. Grandma was 100% on board. Husband built a rental home on the property and completely updated the original home as well. Meanwhile they have been harassing the new tenants, trashing the property, move friends in etc. We recently offered to pay them to move out since they harass tenants and trash property. They declined and got an attorney in attempt to transfer property back to grandma. I suspect because the property has doubled in value since my husband flipped it. Grandma is being influenced for sure. They are no longer paying rent/utilities. These ppl are beyond toxic, a money pit, and I want them out of our lives but I feel horrible kicking out a grandma. What to do? 


We are working with an attorney. Legally we can do whatever we want as the property is legally 100% my husband’s. I want to know what you’d do in this situation: Kick out grandma to cut off the freeloaders OR honor grandmas goal to stay in the home but deal with the druggy freeloaders that she chooses to keep in her home that continuously cost us a bunch of money and liability risks. 

Update 2:

She gifted the remainder of the property legally with an attorney. She could have gifted the property to the humane society if she chose to. No elder abuse here per attorneys. I just haven’t thought of a solution that feels right to me yet so if there’s another idea of how to go about this, I would love that. The other family members are abusers as they have hit her, have control of her banking and yell loud enough for neighbors to hear but she loves them and doesn’t want them to be kicked out. 

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    What does your attorney say about the potential elder abuse situation on your husband's side?  Take 100% ownership with no consideration (ie. paying grandma anything).

    My recommendation is Grandma needs to be paid market value at the time of transfer (based on the condition of the property at that time).  If you don't, you have potential issues on your side.  And Grandma not family member needs to be given a life estate. 

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    You contact a Lawyer, the situation is complicated.

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