How easy is it to do long term liver damage?

18 years of drinking.  Male, late 30s, healthy weight, mostly healthy diet, no health problems.  No illegal drugs and minimal tobacco (About 2 dozen cigars in my lifetime).  Tested negative for viral hepatitis.

Here is how much I've been drinking per week.  Keep in mind these are averages.  A few weeks I binged (vacations), others I kept consumption to a minimum.2002-2005:  5-8 pints2006-2010 16-18 pints (couple of those years closer to 20)2010-2015:  12-15 pints2015-2019:  9-10 pints2020:  2 pints (staying home during COVID has left me little desire to drink)Is this enough to do long term liver damage in an otherwise healthy adult?  I know I don't have cirrhosis, but I'm wondering if this can cause irreversible scar tissue buildup.I had a blood test in 2017 with normal liver enzymes, but my blood tests this year revealed slightly elevated enzymes, despite having tapered down drinking since my 20s.


P.S. I'm not asking if I should taper down drinking.  I already have.  I'm not seeking lifestyle recommendations, as I've already made them.  I'm asking a specific question for which I am seeking a response.

Update 2:

Kelvin - I am not asking "daily".  I asked in another category, and didn't get too many responses.  Please only respond if you actually have an answer to my question.

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  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    asking daily makes you a troll

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