A few questions about Autism?

Hi, first of all I do not wish to offend anyone on the spectrum, I was diagnosed last year and while Ive learned something's about autism through friends and mostly the media i feel like I don't know as much as I should so that's why I'm also asking. 

I know the puzzle piece is the symbol for Autism, is there a color, or animal too? Flower?

In addition to autism I'm also ADHD but so many people think that means I'm constantly bouncing off the walls which I'm not, most of the time I'm daydreaming, and tired. Is tiredness more linked to autism?

If terms like high functioning are supposed to be bad is there a better term for people who are mildly autistic verses people who are a bit more in the center of the spectrum? ( Again I don't wish to offend I'm just asking)

What are good books for non autistic people to read to learn and cope and help with someone who is autistic? Most books seem to be for parents with kids who are autistic.


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  • 2 weeks ago

    I know the Autism Awareness color is blue. I am not sure if there is an animal or flower. 

    Tiredness is not linked to autism. Your tiredness is most likely caused by other factors.

    Instead of "high functioning" or "low functioning", it's preferred to just use more words and more specific examples to describe the particular individual's struggles and strengths. For example, "He is 24. He is very social and loves being around people. He really struggles with aggressive behavior when there are bright lights and sudden loud sounds. He primarily communicates by sign language but understands everything that is said to him." It takes longer to say, but it is a lot more informative and considerate of him as a unique person than just saying "he's low functioning." 

    Not sure on the book recommendations, sorry.

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