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What is a good region free dvd player? Are there things I should know or watch for when buying one?

I know nothing about electronics. I bought 2 dvds for my daughter for Christmas that are from other countries. I was told I need to buy a region free dvd player to play them in the USA. I don't want to spend a LOT, but I want to get a good one that will work without problems. I don't understand electronics at all so I could really use advice. I'm also confused about blu ray. I'm old. I know all her dvds are regular dvds, and I don't even know what blu ray is. But I thought if I was getting a new player, maybe I should get one that is region free AND plays blu ray. I started reading online articles, and they say there are no region free blu ray players. Does that mean just not region free blu ray, but is region free for regular dvds, and only plays blu rays for your region? It's very confusing. If they don't play region free for regular dvds, or are too expensive, I could just get a dvd player that is region free. But I could really use some advice since I know nothing about these things. Thanks!


I read an answer that said "Europe also uses a different video standard.  The US and Japan uses NTSC.  Europe, and most of the rest of Asia uses PAL.  The two standards aren't compatible, meaning your NTSC TV won't know what to do with a PAL signal.

I would recommend getting a DVD player that can convert from PAL<->NTSC.  So, your British DVDs will play on your American TV without any additional hardware.

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    Pal uses an odd pixel count so you could get a picture that  is cut off or very small in size, also PAL uses a different way of rendering color so you may only get a black and white picture, also PAL is based on a 50hz signal while NTSC is based on a 60Hz signal, this can lead to flicker when converted...You need to get a machine that addresses all these issues. The player should also address all these issues in advertising; if not don't assume it will  not have issues. Just because the player will play a PAL disk does not mean all the issues are addressed...Usually a player that does address all the problems will cost a little more...

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    There ARE both region free DVD players and region free BluRay players.

    One thing to watch out for is that some BluRay players that can play all region DVDs cannot play all region BluRays, while other ones CAN play all regions of BOTH formats.

    Indeed, as long as the player can handle the other-than-North-Am format, then you don't need anything else to play a UK DVD on a North Am TV.

    I have an older region free DVD player, and a more recent region free BluRay player that can play both all regions of DVDs and all regions of BluRays.

    Look at some of the gear at the link.

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