voltage step down to 0.15v?

i need some device or module to step down voltage from 60v to 0.15v..i want a system to think its cooler fan is running. it senses the fans RPM.. which outputs 0.15 milli volt.. i removed the fan so i want something to mimic the voltage! 

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  • 3 months ago

    Use a 5K ohm 1w potentiometer as a voltage divider.

  • Dixon
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    3 months ago

    The diagram shows a potential divider that will always output over 0.15V if you use 1% tolerance resistors. It assumes the sensing device does not have a low input impedance.


    Guaranteeing to get very close to 0.15V is not possible with normal resistors because 0.15V is only 0.25% of 60V and thus 1% tolerance resistors have a relatively big variation in possible outputs. Thus I have aimed slightly high such that the lowest voltage outcome is still more than 0.15V This should be fine if the sensor is only doing a binary test for more or less than 0.15V


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  • 3 months ago

    Fan sensors are frequently open collector hall sensors, in effect a switch to ground.

    If you try to measure the output with a meter, you will typically get a very small voltage reading. 

    The "switch" pulses in time to the rotation of the fan rotor; it would have a resistor to the device logic supply voltage (eg. 5V) so the device can count the logic-level pulses to read the fan speed.

    0.15mV is ludicrously low, I cannot believe anything is actually using that as a sense voltage.

    If you wanted to recreate that to try it, use a 1 megohm resistor from 60V in series with a 2.7K resistor to ground.

    The junction of the two should be at around 0.15mV

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