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If 30s is so old why all the best competitors are in their 30s?

So idiots and teenies like to claim 30s is so old and how you arent as agile or flexible anymore once you hit 30 yet if you watch ufc,wwe and agile and speed and strength shows like beastmaster all the competitors who dominate it the most are the ones in their 30s early to late 30s they be outperforming the younger competitors in beastmaster.can someone explain this to me??? I thought at 30s you arent as agile or flexible or fast anymore genetically like some morons say

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    you are a retard, if you think 30s are competitive with your bulging arthritis and ED

  • It varies, usually pro-combat athletes will peak at around 25-35 years of age. Some talented guys have gone downhill at an age where the average fighter peaks, but these are a rarity:

    Wilfred Benitez 25

    Meldrick Taylor 30

    Pipino Cuevas 23

    Mike Tyson 31

    Roy Jones Jr. 35

    Most fighters start going downhill at around age 35+. However you got to consider many other factors, such as injuries, mental state, personal life, training changes, level of competition, genetics (probably the most important) etc.

    There's also guys like George Foreman, Roberto Duran, and Randy Couture who were beating top younger (and sometimes bigger) men in their 40's. Randy Couture started MMA at age 34, and some of his best wins came at around age 40 against top level competition (Belfort, Rizzo, Sylvia, Liddell, Tito). Hope this helps

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