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Did the President and Pence just forget to do contact tracing or was it intentional?

Our country is one of the worst in the world at contact tracing, a proven reducer of infection and death.  Why didn't Trump and Pence lead on this?


National contract tracing is totally different than a city committee.  Why did Trump and pence fail?  You didn't answer.

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    1 month ago

    NYC Hired 3000 people, they make just above minimum wage, they do work and they are not "cronies" a professional recruiter found those willing to work for so little.  NOT family members of "politicians and beaurocrats" .  They are producing workable data now and it's saving lives.   

     u_bin_called is a little liar.  "Almost half the people".  What a load of crap.

  • 1 month ago

    NYC had one of the most aggressive contact tracing programs in the USA.... as it turns out, almost half the people employed by the city actually did no work, and were just friends, cronies and family members of various politicians and bureaucrats getting taxpayer money on yet another boondoggle.

    .. the other half were routinely rebuffed, if not threatened outright, by those they were trying to trace..... and got no support from the city in their efforts...

    so once again, how is that Trump's fault?

    if the federal government tried to enact 50% of the restrictions enforced by Australia and New Zealand, governors like Cuomo and Newsom would accuse him of acting like a fascist emperor.....

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