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Does leaving your phone plugged in help it keep its charger longer?

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    Yes, because it will be fully charged when you remove it.

    But it can cause a slight degradation of capacity performance over time. However, your usage and the environment will play a much  bigger role than keeping your battery 100% charged. Now, the battery is actually not staying at fully charged completely as the phone will control the charging and it will slightly discharge and then recharge, so yes, keeping it plugged in for days/months at a time is not ideal. But if you charge your phone overnight it doesn't cause that much degradation if it stays plugged in. Sure, many websites and people will tell you it causes major issues, but ask one of them to send you information.

    I leave my phone on the charger all the time. My phone is 2 years old and still stays charged all day long with my usage (I would consider my usage moderate). Has the battery degraded. Yes, but I can't really tell. I will tell you that battery usage is much more dependent on what apps and things you always have running in the background that if you battery is at 80% of new or at 95% of new. And I would much rather have my phone ready at 100% for me when I need it, then to try to store it as some (unknown) optimal percentage (which the phone can't actually tell you) and keep it in the freezer.

    The end point being, use your phone. If you are buying a $900 phone and your battery starts degrading to a point where you notice for $50-$100 you can get a new battery. 

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    Kim Commando, the lady who has a national radio show on computers and phones says that the newest phones should not be constantly plugged to a charger. She says w new phones, letting them run down does nothing to the batteries, in fact new phone batteries are designed to run till needing charging. She says that leaving the phone on charge shortens the newer phones batteries. So, now, i never charge unless close to needing a full charge. That was news to me!

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    If you do this regularly it will drastically shorten the life of the battery. Unplug it when fully charged.

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    The only thing that will help your phone keep its charger is YOU! Put the charger in a safe place and if you don't lose the phone, they can be re-united daily!!

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    No. You of course would keep the charge since its running off of that but once unplugged, no difference.

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    No, absolutely not!

    Holding lithium cells at full charge significantly shortens their life.

    You get the best possible overall battery life if the average state of charge is somewhere around 50%; take it off charge as soon as it is full or near full and use until it is near empty.

    The same applies to laptops or anything that uses lithium cells.

    Some newer phones has a more intelligent charge system, so if you always put them on charge and take them off charge at the same times every day, they will "learn" that and only part charge initially then top up to 100% just before the time you disconnect them, to minimise the full charge decay effects - but that's still not normal, only newer iphones have that as far as I am aware & it has to be enabled.

    See the full info on how to get the maximum life from lithium cells / batteries here:

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    it might do that

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    Keeping a phone plugged in makes it operate from the charger, 

    leaving the battery fully charged.  

    This is a good thing to do. 

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