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Why Does My Sony DAV-HDX500 Only Play Audio From A DVD, And You Can't Hear Any Sound From Any Other Source?

Sony theater system DAV-HDX500


I have changed the audio settinhs in every possible way that I saw in the manual and there is still no sound except from a CD or DVD, and when you run a test tone test you can hear it.

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  • TomB
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    1 month ago

    Without knowing what "every possible way" includes, it is hard to answer except to say that if you are using HDMI you might not have enabled ARC for the TV (and speaking of TV settings have you gone into it's audio settings and enabled Digital Audio Out or Dolby/Digital Audio Out instead of internal speakers?)

  • 1 month ago

    Try a factory reset, see if that sorts out any problems.

    See the "Returning to default settings" instructions on page 94 of the manual, here:

    If it's still not working properly after that, it's failing from a hardware fault.. 

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