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Is there a place you can go here on Earth where the gravity is the same as the moon? Like a gravity simulator?

I was looking to go to a place where you can control the gravity around you but is such a thing even invented?

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    An elevator (if there is one where you control the movement AND has a long shaft).

    Earth's gravity is measured as 9.8 m/s^2 (if you were in free fall, then each second, your downward speed would increase by 9.8 m/s)

    If you can get abord an elevator at some top floor (say the 96th floor) and you could get the elevator to accelerate downards at exactly 9.8 m/s^2, then the floor would fall away from your feet at exactly the same rate as your body is pulled downwards by gravity. You would be in free fall (0 g).

    If you could control the downwards acceleration of the elevator so that it is only 8.17 m/s^2, then you would feel ONLY 1.63 m/s^2 (you being pulled 9.8 by gravity, the floor going down at 8.17). Then, on that floor of that elevator, you would feel the same gravity as if you were on the Moon.

    Of course, at some point, the elevator would have to decelerate, in order to arrive at the ground floor with a speed of zero (relative to the ground). During the deceleration, you would feel heavier than normal.  But that is the price to pay to run that kind of experiment on Earth (and live to describe it).

    There is a ride a Disney where you climb into an elevator and they accelerate downwards at some rate sufficiently high for you to feel a LOT less weight.  I do not know the exact numbers, but the effect is (I am told) quite good.

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    No, not even, but you gan get as low a zero descending in an aircraft.

    Look up NASAs 'PUKE' plane. AKA vomit comet.

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    No, you can't turn off the gravity, but they have places where you can do virtual sky-diving.  A blast of air is holding you up.

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    No. We can not control or shield Earth's gravity. Astronauts usually practice under water. It isn't quite the same as weightlessness, but it's all we can do on Earth  

    Sometimes, they practice in a plane that falls for a minute or two. This gives feeling of weightlessness. 

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    Get yourself a diving suit and scuba gear and try the effects of buoyancy, which largely balance out gravity.

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    No.  Astronauts train in swimming pools, or at least did, and have a kind of slowing down mechanism for falling etc.  There is also the power dive technique used in planes, which provides short periods of zero gee followed by short periods of high gee.

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    The best place is where they train Astronaughts for Zero Gravity 

    It is a Modified DC10. which lies in a series of Parabolic Arcs to induce weightlessness

    Effectionatly  known as the Vomit Comet

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    Well... not precisely - Robert J talks about the Vomit Comet, and that's probably the *best* simulator for lunar gravity - but, it's only for about 45 seconds at a time...

    You could do this - it's how early Apollo training and testing was done - it's a wall, canted at about 12 degrees, to simulate how much force there would be on your feet, while you're suspended from above.  

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    You can book a place on a "Vomit comet" type flight, but it is very expensive...

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    no, not possible. There is no place on earth where gravity is less than about 9.7 m/s²


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