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China cannot innovate. Why do people think that it will overtake the United States as the world's most powerful nation?

They blatantly rip off other countries' designs, often adding a few minor improvements and claiming it as their own. They hack and steal military and corporate secrets rather than invent their own things. They haven't invented much. Innovation and inventiveness is what made the United States (and the United Kingdom before it) so powerful. There is no evidence to suggest that China can either innovate or invent. The same was true of Japan. East Asians simply lack the creativity of Westerners and are rigid and unimaginative.

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    Innovation is of limited use without manufacturing capability. China has manufacturing capability.

  • They will become No. 1 if the US collapses/descends into civil war, which isn't that unlikely.

  • innovation doesnt equal prosperity always, china is gaining power due to its cheap product prices and copy-cat moves 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    All I know is I get my football jersey's from there for a fifth of the price they are here

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     If you haven't noticed dimwit, stealing other people's intellectual properties negates the need for innovation.

    @@@"All I know is I get my football jersey's from there for a fifth of the price they are here" look around there are other asian countries that can get you there, make china last!

  • Sandy
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    agree on both counts. China can't allow their people to be innovative and creative. they might figure out how to overthrow the despots. and that IS why they have to steal Western tech. I remembered watching their missiles corkscrew into the air and blow up. but they bought off President Bill Clinton and he allowed one missile guidance company sell their tech to China. and the next time they showed their missile taking off, it flew straight as an arrow. 

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    1 month ago


    without China, yanks would not have Second Amendment and gun culture

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    That conclusion was decades ago. Different now. Things have changed. Many chinese are very inventive; largely due to western education and way of thinking (originality)

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