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Which of the following statements is correct?

A rock of mass 6kg is in a box of mass 3kg. The (rock and box) is pushed across the floor at a constant speed by a person with mass of 20kg. There is friction present between the box and floor. which of the following statements are correct?

a) The coefficient of friction must be < 1.

b) The person must be able to push with a force just slightly greater than >9kg.

c) There is no net force on the (rock and box).

d) The coefficient must be > 1.

e) The person must be pushing with a force of exactly (20-9)kg=11kg.

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    None of the statements are correct.

    b and e don't even make sense.   A kg is a unit of mass not force.

  • 1 month ago

    a,d) false, do not know coef.

    b) false, do not know friction force

    c) true, as the speed is constant

    e) false, do not know friction force

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    Think about how constant speed relates to net force and the various forces that make up the net force. 

    What do you know about the vertical forces? What do you know about the horizontal forces? How does the coefficient of friction relate to those forces?

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    Sorry, my answer is "Anonymous" as your post is Anonymous. There is no need for an Anonymous question in this category, Most 'Anonymous' posts are trolls or people posting their homework, maybe yours is not, but the high likelihood is there. If you post as yourself, I would be glad to help you with any problem you have.

    I spend a lot of time on each problem, I just want to make sure it's for a worthwhile cause.

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