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Boyfriend complained about me to friend, and I'm having a hard time forgiving?

My boyfriend works with several women, and this has been hard for me, but I've accepted it. We've been together for about 6-months. I recently got upset over pictures that I saw of him with a former co-worker on social media. They weren't romantic, just good friends. I later found out that he told her that I got upset about those pictures. He said it was a mistake, and he wasn't thinking by sharing. I know there was nothing romantic between them, and she is in a long-term relationship, but it still upset me that he shared this with her. He said that he knows it was wrong, would take the pictures down, and that he will even limit his contact with her if it makes me feel better. I can't help but still feel hurt by it and embarrassed that she knows, as I felt it was disrespectful of him to share this. How to let it go?   

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