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How do hit and run claims work?

Yesterday on my way to work someone attempted to change lanes into me. They clearly weren't paying attention. I honked and tried to slow down but they almost drove me into the wall on the left side of the highway. They ended up hitting my right side, pinning down my mirror, and leaving significant damage to the entire right side of my car.

I slowed down and moved to the right lane, assuming they would follow me to the shoulder. I looked over my shoulder to move lanes, looked back, and they were gone. I tried to speed up and get a plate number, but there was just no way to catch up without going significantly over the speed limit. I called the police though I knew without a plate number I was screwed. 

Thankfully someone else saw the entire thing, chased down the truck, got the plate and a picture of the vehicle and reported it to the police.

I have the truck's plate, the company it's from, and their insurance thanks to the police running the plate. I sent this to my agent, but what can I expect to happen next? I'm only 25 and I've never had to file a claim before.

What should I expect? They were entirely at fault even without fleeing the scene, the witness and their passenger confirmed everything I told the police. Do you think I'll have to pay for any of the damages to my car? Is there anything else I should do? The damage to the car is entirely cosmetic, but should I avoid driving it while the claim is in process?

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    Your insurance company should handle this for you. As to driving the car, as long as any damage does not make it hazardous, drive it. I would check with your insurance company, not the agent, to be certain it has been reported and a claim number assigned and they will want a copy of the police report.

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    These are all good questions for your insurance company.

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    You need to call the truck's Insurance and file a claim with them.  Secure 3 estimates of the damage and submit with the claim.  They should pay you based on the lowest of the three or send an adjuster out to write his own estimate.  You should not have to pay any thing and they should cover the cost of a car rental while your car is in the shop

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    If you have collision insurance, submit a claim to your insurance.  If you don't you will have to make a claim against the owner and driver of the other vehicle.  Drive the car if it is drivable.

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    True hit-and-run damage is covered under Collision insurance, no exceptions.  And yes you can expect to pay for part of the damage, which is called your deductible.  The deductible will be refunded to you if / when the identity of the other vehicle is confirmed.  And that's more of an if than when, just so you know.

    In a true hit and run, the other vehicle cannot be positively identified.  If the other vehicle is identified and confirmed, it's not a hit and run.  The driver of the other vehicle might be charged with hitting and running, but that doesn't make it a hit & run claim.  It then becomes a Liability or Direct Compensation / Basic Collision claim, because the other vehicle was identified and confirmed.

    But you might still have to file a claim under Collision coverage, because you only suffered property damage, and property damage is way down on the priority list for any police force.  They'll investigate the living hell out of any crash involving bodily injury or fatality, but property damage is a whole different story.  They'll write down any details you and the witnesses provide, and they'll kind-of-sort-of keep an eye out for that plate number.  But since nobody was hurt or killed, it won't be anywhere near the top of the cops' priority list.

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    You can expect your insurance company to handle the matter.  That is what you pay them for.  Sure you can continue to drive it while the incident is being addressed.

    Someone here said to file a claim against the other guy and his insurance...  Do NOT do that !   Let YOUR insurance company do that if it is needed.

    Might be wise to take pictures of the damage.

  • Anonymous
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    Gee, I got to think back.  You first and foremost report to your insurance company. "They are the guys looking out for your welfare"  Give them all the info.  

    . If it was a big commercial truck or dump truck and you were driving a Mini, sometimes they do not notice the slight speed bump.  Most times they do. Driving is their job...and they do not want to lose their job.

    .  Those guys have company insurance policies on their vehicles.

    . They were at fault. You will be processed....remember that many other cars are in the body shop so you are in line waiting.

    . If you are able to drive your car as it is slightly dinged up, then do so.   Just keep in touch with YOUR insurance agent as to what is happening. Like once a week phone calls.  Sooner or later you will get snail mail paperwork. and instructions what to do.

    . It may take a month depending on how busy the body shops are.  No different than a dentist appointment.  You wait until it is your turn.

    . It is car damage. When it gets fixed you won't even know it happened.  It is an experience you hopefully will not put yourself into next time.

    ..We always replay it over in our head on what we could have done differently.

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    You should avoid driving without usable mirrors.  Take care of the mirror immediately, and then you can continue to drive if it is safe.

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    File a claim with the other driver’s insurance. They should pay for the damages to your car, or the value of the car. You can continue to drive it, but take photos of the damage in case something else happens. You should look up the Kelley blue book on your car so you know what it’s worth. The insurance adjuster may total it if it’s an older car, and give you a check for the value at the time of the accident. You can buy the car back if you want, and that’s often the best deal. My friend once got paid $3500 for his van being totaled, but the only damage was a tiny dent in the back. He bought it back for $300 and kept driving it. If it’s not totaled, they will pay for the damage to be fixed. No matter what they tell you, legally you can take it to whatever mechanic you choose, or take the check and not fix the damage. They may pay the shop directly, or give you a check for the amount of the estimate. Go get at least 2 estimates, and make sure one is from the dealer. Provide the highest estimate for the insurance company, then get the car fixed at the cheapest place. You may be able to make a few bucks on it. 

  • James
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    Someone backed into my brother causing 3000 dollars in damage. Told him to pull off to a gas station to exchange information and when my brother pulled up a goon was waiting for him in another car and jumped out and yelled at my brother that he was going to get hurt if he tries to follow them. They took off and we filed a police report. Even though the truck was very conspicuous and had a vanity plate that read bigkat the police never did anything about it.  we saw the truck driving one day going the opposite direction so it's not like the truck wasn't still out there rolling around the police just simply didn't want to do anything about it. Your probably screwed on this one

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