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Why do republicans think it’s important to become oil independent and not reliant in other countries for our oil?

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    How about we become dependent on other countries for our water?  What do you think would happen to the supply and cost of water?  So long as we are water independent we are safe from other countries manipulations of the supply and cost of water.  I'm guessing you're to young to remember the oil embargoes of the early and mid 1970s.  I'm also guessing you want to government schools so you were never taught anything about them.

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    So their major political donors, can rip off the American public by gaining further control of oil prices in the United States and keeping profits escalated. 

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    Becoming oil independent is a bit like becoming the best horse-drawn buggy manufacturer in the world, circa 1900. 

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    We stopped being dependent on other countries for oil for a long time now. At this point we have so much oil we're not pumping it and we're not exporting as much but pre-pandemic Syria & Russia were doing a race to the bottom in terms of oil price. So no matter what we were going to lose out on exporting oil sales.

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    They had invaded countries just for oil and you naively think they don't know... that if we keep our oil reserves and invest in other energy sources we will get energy and oil surplus over other countries when the oil global tank will be empty... Republicans just tell you that lie to keep you thinking they do care in reality they don't care is like the old Republican Deficit hypocrisy GOP will make America's debt problems much harder to solve although the GOP spent the better part of Barack Obama's presidency complaining bitterly about the trillion-dollar budget gaps the country ran during his first term, and President Trump promised on the campaign trail to eliminate all federal debt, deficits have increased even faster than expected under his watch, and total federal debt has risen accordingly.

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    Because if you are dependent on other countries oil you end up propping up dictators in the Middle East and Russia, and open yourself up to their influence.

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    Because then those other countries can control us. They can charge ridiculously high prices or they could just stop selling to us at all. You don't remember the gas lines in the 70s when OPEC decided to do that. There was no gas.

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    i thought the USA has loads of oil waiting until the worlds oil runs out. 

    And fracking giving loads of  shale gas .

    yes, we said a few years ago they the USA  be able to keep up a modern economy  while the rest of the world is  back in the stone age.

    Anyway , the wind has been blowing all over the summer and on my bike ride today i was riding into a gale force wind has per usual  and if they build wind turbines  in the fields near us we can have cheap power for ever.

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    Our world runs on oil.  Many thousands of young American men and women have died to protect our supply of oil to America.  Do you know that Hussein of Iraq conquered, raped and pillaged Kuwait and was massing on the border to overpower Saudi Arabia and control the Straits of Hormuz?  If he had succeeded he would have controlled 45% of the world's oil supply and would have plunged us into darkness forever.

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