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Is coloring tips of the hair, damaging to the hair?

I know that bleaching and coloring the hair is harmful to the hair roots and follicles. But what about coloring the tips only? My hair is about 5 inches long and I plan to only color half an inch to an inch of my bangs. Will that damage the hair?

Im a guy btw

2 Answers

  • Hair color isn't as damaging as bleach, as long as you read and follow the instructions. If you want a lighter or more vibrant color then you should lighten your hair. Bleaching the ends only can damage your hair. You're over lapping bleach on previously bleached hair, which can cause your hair to break. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Depends on what you are using to dye your hair with. If the color dye you are using is a lighter hue than your natural hair color then it's really no way around it other than to bleach it.

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