Social security disability question,?

How often do I report to social security if I’m self employed? 

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  • Judith
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    1 month ago

    Once.  It isn't any different than any other job.   You report when you begin working.  You report if work ends. Once you've worked for 9 months (the trial work period - look it up at they are supposed to do a work review and they will need to know how many hours you work each month.  You will need to complete the SSA-820 (which you can download to see what info they will be asking you about).  However, I suspect they are years behind - particularly because SS offices are closed to the public due to covid19 and because they were behind to begin with due to chronic staff shortages.

    I will say this though, if you are netting $1260 a month in the 12th month of employment start returning your social security benefit or you will be overpaid.  Also - read up on disability and self-employment.  There are more things they take into consideration other than net monthly earnings.  The # of hours you work is a factor as is the VALUE of your services on an hourly basis.  If you were employed by someone else how much would you be paid per hour and, given the # of hours you work, would that come to $1260 a month?

    If a person gets SSI it's an entirely different story since SSI (supplemental security income) is a federal welfare program not to be confused with social security benefits.  Any income from work over $65 a month will reduce the amount of the SSI benefit.

    NOTE:  Only those who get SSI must provide proof of earnings on a monthly basis because it changes the monthly benefit amount.

    I was a SS claims rep for 32 yrs.

  • 1 month ago

    If you CAN be self employed, you likely are NOT legally eligible for disability.

    In any case, YOU need to discuss your case with a local attorney to make sure you are doing things legally. If your attorney doesn't at least consult another attorney that specializes in a different aspect of the relevant law, they are NOT giving you a full picture of what you need to know.

  • 1 month ago

    You report every month.

    As a self employed individual, if you work 80 hours in the month that counts towards your trial work months.

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