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when Jupiter transits in a trine to your natal Jupiter...what can expect?  how varies or depends?

I have been reading in Robert Hand's book that it makes you feel optimistic...but I dont think that is my case at all...quite the opposite. maybe Robert Hand had it wrong or what might be reasons?

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  • Janet
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    Yes, I agree with Rob .. optimism.  Maybe recklessness. Maybe relaxation and laziness. Maybe taking things for granted (and maybe things don't work out BECAUSE we trust to luck and didn't prepare adequately.

    Reasons why NOT, for you?  Well, how is Jupiter aspected in YOUR  natal chart? What about Moon (emotions) and Saturn (can be pessimistic) in your chart?

    The impact of transiting planets only brings out whatever is contained IN our natal chart. AND in how our personality has developed since we were born.

    Also .. .what is your own individual personality?  Our chart is only an influence, and from the time we are born, we can override, overcome, or veer off and develop in other directions.

    I don't know you, but I think of Eckhart Tolle, who writes about people with "victim mentalities", who develop subconscoius patterns that cause them to act in ways that confirm their expectation of defeat .. not saying this is you, but saying this to show how much WE affect how we feel, and that this is always stronger than the influence of our natal chart.

    But do keep on looking at Hand's book "Planets in Transit" .. it is about as good as you can get, short of sitting down with an actual certified professional astrologer. Keep track of your transits, make notes in your book when events happen that do coorelate with the transit.  Over time, you will see how YOU react to the influences.

    (That is why, before I retired from doing readings, before I would discuss current major transits, we would first discuss how those previous transits affected them .. to see how the individual handled those energies).

    And don't expect TOO much from astrology.  it has correlation, but is not 100%.

  • lala
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    1 month ago

    Jupiter is not that strong 

    check for other transit in your chart 

    Let say you have Saturn squaring your natal Saturn 

    well its a hard transit 

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