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How do americans feel about free healthcare?

(I'm not from the US).

How do you as an american personally feel about free healthcare? Is it something that you would want or not?

I have read multiple articles and forums of some people saying would like it as they can't afford it while others do not due to government intervention on their private life and that it would make taxes more expensive. 

I'm asking on here to get more insight and educate myself out of curiosity.

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  • Jeff D
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    4 weeks ago

    There's no such thing as free healthcare.  It's just a question of who pays for it, and how.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Healthcare is very important in life and freedom, just like Education is. Societies have devised public education which is essentially free or mostly free.  Healthcare should be viewed in that same light.

    I am not saying it should be free, but I am saying the national attitude should be one of honor and decency and humanity where we believe every life is important and every sick person deserves good treatment that is as low in price as we can get it.  Most other large wealthy countries have solved that problem, except the USA.

    What I would want is something where every citizen has a card that say if you go to the doctor and lets say normally that doctor might charge $100 for an intitial consultation, then that card says that for such a consultation the government will pay the doctor only $50 for it, period and with the patient paying maybe a $15 copay.

    and that card can be used for anything medical.  If a prescription costs $80 to be filled, the government would pay $40 and the patient  $10 etc.....

    If having a baby costs $10,000, by presenting the card, the parents will have the government pay the hospital $5000 and only have to pay $200.

    and there would be a cap at the end of every year for out of pocket expenses that tops out at $1000 out of pocket where its zero out of pocket after that.

  • 1 month ago

    Healthcare is never free. You pay for it somewhere. If not in direct  billing from Hospitals, Doctors and Providers, then in high taxes. An remember Corporations never actually pay taxes, their customers do.

  • ree
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    1 month ago

    Generally speaking, libs think health care is a human right ... cons don't. The Clintons tried to tackle the unaffordable health care problem but failed due to rep resistance. Obama used the luxury of a dem Congress to pass the ACA. The reps are trying to repeal w/o replace.

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  • 1 month ago

    I think a government plan will chase the great doctors away and stop the country from getting the great doctors of the future and from getting enough doctors for the future the pay will not be worth the time and cost to get the education. They will cut other medical staff to raise the doctors pay in trying to keep them. They will cut many things and health care will suffer. But if you are willing wait months for simple procedures then you want government health care.

  • 1 month ago

    Cause you thought of it,& it,s no special a manner,yet there,s a chance for any one,to select instead a very logical subject for resuing all of us,at all ways,by all means. 

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    For those who do the research and aren't just acting emotionally it's a matter of lack of medical infrastructure. A typical MD in the US leaves school six figures in student loan debt and as a result we have a crushing shortage of physicians here. Were we ever able to produce (or import) enough medical professionals to fill that void some form of universal coverage for those who want it (while others can keep their private plans if they wish) would be a laudable goal. If you're paying attention to the US debate on this you've seen that most offerings are all or nothing. There's little talk of the kind of hybrid plans that exist in other nations and it's either national health (and its inborn deficiencies) for all or "let's privatize everything". We no longer have any centrist representation here so the obvious solutions are usually ignored by both sides. Were I the king of this place I'd just raise the income threshold to qualify for Medicaid (an existing program for low income people) and that would cover most of those who can't afford the current offering of ACA compliant plans. Diluting Medicare (which is for senior citizens who've already paid for it through lifetimes of taxation) is bad idea, but it's the only one presently being floated. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It would depend on who you ask. A good percentage of Liberals would be just fine with it while Republicans would think of it as socialism. They would complain about it the most much against their own self-interest when the overwhelming majority of them are not rich and would struggle to pay for healthcare. They complain about the cost of Obamacare but think free health care is an abomination. They would rather suffer than to think minorities would benefit. 

  • 1 month ago

    Every other developed country manages it apart from the US and they don't all have socialist governments even. They don't have noticeably higher tax to pay. Idiots think poor people are making them pay when it's more the wealthiest people who make them pay more by dodging tax.

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