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Will she reject me because of my hair?

I am a very hairy person. And by hairy, I mean that I grow hair everywhere. All over my body, face, except for part of my nose, and head. If you have seen a Chewbacca, it is almost as bad as that. I have tried shaving, but it doesn't help much. She has not seen my picture yet but we talk on the phone a lot. I did not tell her that I had this much hair. I am afraidtto be rejected.

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  • Jerry
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    1 month ago

    People who are afraid of failure are people who never accomplish anything. If you cannot or will not risk rejection then you're never going to have a date. 

    Think about "What is the worst thing can happen?" What would that be? She sees you, calls you "Wolfman," and laughs at you, taunting you with "Way too ugly for me" perhaps? Or she takes one look and runs away? 

    OK, so suppose it goes really really badly, that she mocks you or runs away or otherwise rejects in the worst possible way. What then? Are you going to crumble into dust and blow away? Drop dead? Face fines and jail time? Have to wear a goofy hat? No, nothing like that. Nothing is going to happen that's so bad you can't walk away from it. You're going to be disappointed but not actually harmed, not suffer any devastating loss. 

    Faint heart ne'er won fair maid. 

  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    I think if you make it an issue, it will be an issue.  So when you meet be well trimmed and look your best.  If you end up with your shirt off and she says something, don't make it an issue.  Make it the natural you.  "Yeah, I'm hairy but it keeps me warm during the hibernation season.  Robin Williams and many hairy guys were quite successful and I'm trying to emulate them"   Make it a humorous point.  She will either see you as a natural guy who accepts what you are and is comfortable, or if she hates hair, she'll be polite and you'll get through the meeting having fun.  If she doesn't like your hair, it's better to face it.  If you seem confident there is a better chance she will like all of you

  • 1 month ago

    You are oozing machismo!

    A real barbie woman will like you.


    And no, this is not an artificial doll.

    It is Razor Machismo Ramon.

    You do not have to ask him if it is ok to post pics of him, as he likes his pic posted everywhere already, and is an ex WWF star.

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