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Will Animal Planet's "Extinct Or Alive" return for a 3rd season?

So i am a big fan of Animal Planet's extinct or alive. The show is pretty much about a biologist {Forrest Galante} who tries to prove that animals we thought extinct are alive and well. It has 2 seasons and 2 shark week specials. The last episode aired late 2019 and there are no news about a new season or cancellation either. Anyone heard something?

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  • 1 month ago

    Geez I hope not, their videos are faked and staged. I have to laugh at 'Infested', some of these critters simply CAN"T infest, like hobo spiders and brown widows

  • nah … they  got  a  new  show  coming  out … called  "poached to extinction" … go  figure.

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