Is Poland the smartest country in Europe?

Poland is the only European country which realizes Muslim migrants are dangerous to the country. France, Germany and Nordic countries have been the victims of radical Islam because they allowed these Muslims to live in their country. Poland knows the negative consequences of accepting migrants, that is why Poland is safe.


I'm from India and I have extreme love for Poland. Poland is great, Poland will thrive and survive. EU is a retarder union.

Update 2:

Germany is a terrorist nation🤣

Update 3:

Poland can protect it's culture and that is a good thing.

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    poland  is  wonderful  country.

  • Magui
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    1 month ago

    Go to Poland then... And be happy.

    Poland is part of EU.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Sorry, it doesn't hold water.

    Norway has a homicide rate of 0.47 per 100,000.

    Germany is at 0.95.

    Poland is at 0.73.

    There is very little difference.

    Meanwhile the USA is 4.96, meaning that you have 5 times greater risk of being murdered in the USA than in Germany.

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